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March Order

THE ORDER OF MARCH IS NOT COMPLETE. Still working on the march order, but have assigned assembly areas for registered units, so you will know where to line up. There are still some unresolved issues with the parking assignments so check back here on Monday for that information (including passes to download). There are some units that are not shown on these orders, so if you cannot find your marching unit, please contact me directly at 703-408-4483.

Please review the Parade Rules & Procedures so you are up to date!

MARCH ORDER. This page shows the parade order,
how the Parade will flow from the first unit to last.

ALPHABETICAL ORDER this same list in alphabetical order,
it is easier to find your unit.

Go here for assembly instructions and information.

DIV is Line up Division (see the Assembly Area Map).
ORD is the Parade Order Number for each Unit.

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