All of us on the George Washington Birthday Celebration Committee have considered the common sense of weather or not to move forward with the Parade and have made the decision to cancel the George Washington Birthday Parade for Monday, February 15, 2016. This is due entirely to a deteriorating weather forecast which has gone from a 40% chance of precipitation a few days ago to a 90% chance of precipitation with a scenario that indicates snow overnight, sleet as the parade begins and freezing rain as our units would be heading home.

We thank all of the participating units, volunteers, contributors, organizers and supporters and especially those in the City of Alexandria who work with us every year to make this such a special event. We will do it all again next year.

Date: Monday, February 15th 2016
Time: 1-3pm
Location: Old Town Alexandria
Grand Marshal: 
Honorable James P. Moran, Jr., former U.S. Representative and Mayor of Alexandria
Parade Day Events are detailed in the section: "2016 Celebration Events"

Maps & Assembly Information. Here is where you can view and download maps of the Parade Route, Parade Assembly Area, and Street Closings. You can also find basic information about the parade staging procedures.
Rules & Procedures. This section has the basic information you should be familiar with as a marching unit in the Parade. Questions about what time to form, parking, special staging areas for equestrian units, rate of march, spacing between units, unit performances and demonstrations, the use of amplified sounds, safety, emergency procedures, how to contact the organizers, and what is expected of each participant are all answered here.
Joining the Parade. If you have been invited to march in the Parade, this section will advise you about the information you need to provide to be approved as a Parade Unit. If you have not been invited to participate, please request an invitation by sending an e-mail message to or calling the Parade Director at 703-549-7662.
Time Line. If you want to know when to expect information from the Parade Organization, this is the place to start. Information about deadlines, when registration is considered late, when to expect mail or website postings about where to line up and the order of march, and information about our new Orientation and Q&A meetings for parade units.
Registered Units. This section is updated every day after Thanksgiving and will show all units that are officially registered in the Parade. If you want to make sure your registration was received and your unit is in good order, go to this section.
March Order. This section is modified frequently right up to Parade Day! It shows the Order of the entire Parade and where each unit will assemble before the Parade begins. 
Parade Logistics. This is a section primarily for Parade Marshals. It provides the timetables and schedules for officials on Parade Day and shows the organization of responsibilities. The Parade Volunteer Plan is also published here showing the responsibilities of all Parade Volunteers (There are over 130 volunteer positions.)
Awards & Recognition This section will show all special awards made for the Parade. Information about the Grand Marshal, the winner of the Chairman’s Award, any special awards, as well as the results of the Parade Judging will be posted here when available. Information is also available about the annual awards reception usually held in May.